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13 Art 0.01

The 13 Art

The 13 Art collection


It is a concept being created when FAHAD boutique started to be a place to show and present FAHAD fashion designs,

On the year of the same number 2013 Fahad has come with a concept called FAHAD boutique to show his main three lines “F” “FFC” “FAHAD”


Why number three and thirteen?

13 is FAHAD Fav number and his own birthday date as 13/3/84 8+4 =12/ 12 1+2=3


3 lines of art fashion and 13 art collection

The 13 art collection it the concept of FAHAD boutique that has two main colors 1 black & 2 white 3 the design

The 13 art collection present a Philosophy of Black and white doesn’t present good or bad as we both knows that always white related to peace and good and black is war and bad,

The fashion line of this collection is present the mother, father and the children guide protectors


The mother and father are both females, that Philosophy came from the fact of female is a part of a male body, and the male genitalia before they are formed is a female shape part.


The story is in this collection saying no one is good between of them it is just how things went wrong between them and the Ego of the devil.

Chapter 1

Why I want what you have and why you want what I have?

To be cautioned 


The 13 art collection
Veronika BZ
Aqsa Altaf
Nadeen Adam
Directed by:
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