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I'm FAHAD I'm Art

When you think you lives in a place that

you do not fit in 

Or can’t be then create one,




 FAHAD boutique is a concept

To enjoy fashion in an artistic and different


In a way has an attitude of passion and

talent has a story.

FAHAD boutique the story


A line started


In 2006 FAHAD came back from London

and was his first visit to Europe


He could not ignore all the fashion and

art all over London, as if you may do not

know he is well known of wearing very

fashionable clothes and not afraid to show

it since he was a child.


FAHAD comes from a very conservative family and community as well, he

Never felt in or welcome to be and the

choice was 2 option

1, suicide

2. Create a world and live in it,

And he choice to live.


Slowly he started to leave his family

and community part of his plan to keep

Living, he couldn’t offered any more

expansive clothes and as he was the only

Child he was a very spoiled one, so he start to create his own designs and styles to not be looking smellier as the rest,


On 2007 he start a line called FFC (Free Fashion Collection) which become FAHAD FASHION Collection.

Don’t wish me luck say a prayer


That’s a line FAHAD says to any one wish him a luck as he believes he is one

Of the luckiest people in the world after what he have been throw and yes he was lucky, after registering his line he launched it in a store in one of his Fav cities in Kuwait and the city he did born in Salmiya,


And was his first men collection and from there we are here.

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